Success Is Delicious (feat. Diana Garle of the “We’re So Young Podcast”)

When their light skin #STTT co-host goes missing, Y’all Boys find another light-skin #STTT co-host in Diana Garle (and her dog Pickles) of the “We’re So Young Podcast” who brings her own challenge to the table. While here, Diana completes “A Perfect Max”, Max (the human, not the form of measurement) is looking to complete a buzzer beater of female empowerment, Frank takes everyone back to a run in with the cops and Josh takes a Phoenix Down to inspire hope for the members of #TeamJosh.

The #STTT of the Week goes to Humble The Poet who is a former teacher who followed his dreams to embrace poetry and spoken word full time publishing his inspirational book Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life.

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