Music Without Words

The fiery conclusion to this era of YBT is coming in fast much like the returning Steve sliding down the side of a volcano. After his Central American adventure, Steve reveals an issue he has with his luggage, Frank caves in to the sodium peddling giant that is Panda Express, Max gets halfway through his novel while biding time to find the last person for his non-profit and the figurehead of #TeamJosh tests patience when it comes to his finances.

The #STTT of the Week goes to Anne Henningfeld, co-founder of ‘Beyond Recreation’, a consulting company that trains camp counselors and staff around the country on Empathy and understanding child development. She is also the inventor of the A.C.T. method which allows camp counselors to role play challenging scenarios with actors to better understand how to engage effectively.

YBT Presents: Songs To Flex To Playlist

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This episode is sponsored by Phone Calls and Women.
Theme Song “Won’t Stop” by Jeanomusic and Interstitial Music by ADN Lewis

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