You’re Definitely Not Starving

The first era of YBT is almost over and Y’all Boys are running like Indiana Jones to complete their challenges before the boulder of failure catches up to them! Max is still out here 20 weeks in trying to figure out exactly what his non-profit does, despite all of Frank’s hard work a two-topping medium pizza deal for $7.99 seems to be too hard to pass up, Steve has some deep contemplations on his waiting challenge and Josh...well Josh...COME ON SON! There’s only so much time left and this boi out here thinking his finances are a game!

The #STTT of the Week goes to Maria Bautista who is the Campaigns Director for the Alliance for Quality Education, a group of nonprofits in New York that organizes parents and communities to fight for high quality academic opportunities, social and emotional support for students. Currently fighting for over $4 Billion owed to New York public school students.

YBT Presents: Songs To Flex To Playlist

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