Two Thumbs Down

Max has the flu, so what do we do? We follow up our goals as we’re known to do. The rhyming should stop, but I ain’t no cop, the rest of Y’all Boys head Straight to the….middle. It’s been a tough week Y’all Listeners but like 10 episodes from now we’re gonna look back at this and laugh...hopefully. Max gets replaced, Steve finally gets to help the elderly use ‘El Mouse’, Frank keeps trippin’ about his personal goal and Josh is on one hand helping out his community every which way he knows how, but slowly losing his thumbs in the process.

The #STTT of the Week goes to a Pinky Cole, owner of the popular Atlanta Vegan restaurant “Slutty Vegan” who along with entrepreneur Stacey Lee, paid off the tuition for 30 Clark Atlanta College students as well as started “The Pinky Cole Foundation” to continue supporting students in the future.

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Y’all Boys Talkin’ is a podcast about nonsensical improvement.