#TeamFrank is Rallying

There’s been hard weeks on Y’all Boys Talkin’ but this one was a haaaard week y’all listeners. Max is back but the flu is still there and by the end of this episode you might be thinking “Do they all have the flu? They trippin’ right now...” Josh, now officially 30 years old takes on a more mature tone but loses some points when his birthday celebration goes on for too long, Steve has a major breakthrough with one of the seniors, Max takes his time rehabbing and Frank receives a not-so-great call from his father that straps a rocket to his back.

The #STTT of the Week goes to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez who, along with their company Tiller and Hatch donated a years worth of food to Jacksboro Elementary School to fill the schools pantry after they saw a post from a teacher at the school where she told the story of one of her kids who was dealing with not having food in their home.

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